Candy Match 2

Candy Match 2

In spite of its difficulty, players of all skill levels will enjoy Candy Match 2. You and your astute cat can take on this challenging activity together. The candy canes can be quickly relocated by dragging and dropping them into designated groups.

Each stage has its own objective. Click on the candy you want to move, and then drag it where you want it to go. Candies of the same type can be placed next to one another if the player makes the appropriate moves and selections. Enjoy the sweet satisfaction of creating new combinations in Candy Match 2! As quickly as you can, you'll need to get rid of these candies in Candy Match 2.

Each stage's beginning will be preceded by a quest screen. Here you can find out how much sweets you'll need to distribute. The solution to the puzzle will be obvious once you've completed it. Remember that you only have a limited number of moves to complete each level. Whenever you find yourself struggling to complete a level, remember to activate the bonus.


More power-ups can be obtained by combining candies with similar items.

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