Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner is an original stick figure platformer. The player needs to eat as much as possible to rack up points and level up. You'll be racing along an urban debris course. Consume human beings and watch yourself expand. Playing this game will make you feel full.

The black hole can be diminished by using the red barrels, which are potentially explosive and poisonous. Those are to be avoided at all costs. Focus on the green crates instead, as they will help you grow. If you can make it through each level's largest hole, you'll receive full credit for your efforts.

Don't bother yourself with problems that are too big for you to solve. Focus on things that are small, compact, and easy to swallow. Green crates are worth more points and contain larger rewards. If you make it to the largest diameter, you will receive your bonus gold bars and diamonds.


Use the mouse for movement.

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