Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5

The latest installment in the popular match-3 series Jewels Blitz is here, and it's called Jewels Blitz 5. In this role-playing game, you take on the role of an archaeologist tasked with uncovering ancient mysteries by bringing together a vast collection of artifacts from around the world. There will be many challenges in your path, such as water leaks and power outages.

Swap gems to form sets of three or more of the same color. Swapping jewels in groups of three or more will free up additional gems of the same color and shape. By fusing together four or more stones, explosive seals can be made. In your next match, you can now detonate explosions across multiple rows.

In addition, you can now alter your avatar's look by equipping various colored gems. These new additions to Jewel Blitz 5 should make for a lot of enjoyable playtime.


Find three identical gems to eliminate them. Dissolve magical seals and forest obstructions with their help. As you progress through the saga maps, the challenges will increase in intensity.

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