Kung Fu Sparrow

Kung Fu Sparrow

Enjoy kung fu in the experience game Kung Fu Sparrow, in which you must fight against terrible foes. Become a courageous bird with the resolve to destroy all of the wicked. Gather all bread slices and live till the end of the game. Experience the kung fu in every action as you leap from one rope to the next. Create the most standard and powerful kicks.

Even while facing multiple opponents, you should not worry. Each adversary has unique attributes and weapons. Explore fifty unique levels and two distinct game styles. Kill all the birds in a level before the time limit expires, and avoid touching them unless you're striking them. Combat now! If you enjoy Kung Fu Sparrow, you can also enjoy more Screw The Nut.



Use the mouse or keyboard and space to navigate. Swipe up and down to jump on foes and attack them with the left key.

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