Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 allows you to take part in the creation of legendary ball shots. The goal of this straightforward soccer game is to advance to the semifinals. You must win the match in order to advance in the tournament and have a shot at becoming champion. First, pick your favorite from among the 360 available teams. Including 12 different leagues in different parts of the world. A chance to meet new people and develop your own set of skills!

With only 5 shooting chances, you must maximize your ability to score and win. Maintain your focus on the target and shoot! You must defend and protect the goal from the opponent's shots in addition to attacking. Remember to keep up the good work by engaging in similar games to Basket Random.



To aim and fire, click and hold the mouse button. Release in order to kick. Click and hold for saving. Allow to dive.

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