Slice it All

Slice it All

Slice it All is an interesting 3D game in which you may learn how to handle a knife and unwind. Your objective is to use the knife to cut a variety of objects and reach the finish line. Cut precisely and strive to become a slicing expert. Can you wield the enormous knife? Build on your own successes.

Flick your knife at the proper moment and sever the obstructions. Your knife flip must be properly timed for the blade to hit the obstruction. It does not matter if your knife falls on the path. If it falls into the chasm, you must begin again. Be cautious of the red plates with small spikes. As several perilous obstacles and traps block your path, Slice it All will also become a game of skill. Attempt to earn more points! Play more 3D games and relax more like Bounce and Collect.



Click left to jump.