Backrooms is a terrifying urban legend and internet meme. It looks like a never-ending maze of artificially generated workplaces and other settings. There's a distinct odor, and the room is painted a uniform yellow and has damp carpet and buzzing fluorescent lighting. Users of the Internet have expanded on this concept by making multiple "tiers" and "entities" within Backrooms.

The shadowy truth can be investigated, recorded, and uncovered. The process may make you feel anxious and alone. You can end up in Backrooms if you're not careful, or if you try to transcend reality in the wrong ways. You'll find a lot of fluorescent lights and a total of 600,000,000 miles of empty rooms, as well as the smell of old, damp carpet and frantic, monochromatic Yellow.

The empty rooms and harsh fluorescent lighting of the backroom evoke a sense of longing for the past. While you're on your own to find a way out, some "friends" won't let you leave. Nightmares are guaranteed if you don't "wake up" in a timely manner.



Use the mouse or finger to play.

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