In the game, which belongs to the IO subgenre, your objective is to take control of as much territory as you can. Every player begins with their own personal, miniature island. Increase its size by including new sections. However, keep an eye out for potential adversaries. Once you leave the confines of your field, where you are protected, you put yourself in a more precarious position.

You can superimpose your color onto the map by moving your mouse around in different directions. Move across the whitespace as well as the paints left by other players, and then connect back to your color to validate this location.

If you go outside of your preferred color, your tail is open to being attacked by other colors. It's possible that other players will rush to take your tail in an effort to completely eradicate it.

Hints and Tips

Stay away from your house for a shorter amount of time. You run the risk of being the target of someone's bigoted behavior. Be wary when you move out of the starting position because your opponent will not discover your weakness.

A swift and decisive assault on the enemy's tail is called for. Through the use of this strategy, you will be able to rapidly and effectively expand your territory.


You can use the mouse or WASD.

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