Ninja Stickman Warrior HTML5

Ninja Stickman Warrior HTML5

Get ready for an exciting and unique puzzle-solving experience with Ninja Stickman Warrior HTML5! In this game, you'll take on the role of Stickman, a trained ninja warrior on a mission to rescue hostages. Equipped with a limited supply of shurikens, your goal is to strategically navigate through a series of challenging levels and liberate the prisoners.

Stickman has long aspired to become a ninja, and after rigorous training, he has achieved the prestigious black belt. Now, he faces his most difficult mission yet in Ninja Stickman Warrior HTML5: rescuing hostages held captive by a formidable group of black ninjas. These adversaries are fierce, merciless, and highly skilled warriors, making them a formidable challenge to overcome. However, Stickman has a different approach. Rather than engaging in direct combat, he plans to unleash his deft throwing skills to destroy the prison cells and free the prisoners.

How To Play

To complete each level, your main objective is to release the prisoners. However, if you manage to defeat the warriors along the way, you'll earn additional gold stars as a bonus. Exercise caution, plan your moves carefully, and make precise throws to navigate the obstacles and overcome the enemy forces. Can you guide Stickman to victory and complete each level with flying colors?

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