Flappy Sonic

Flappy Sonic

Welcome to Flappy Sonic, a bright, colorful, and hilarious game that is sure to bring cheer to you! In this game, you'll control Sonic as he navigates through the skies. Without your help, he is prone to falling or crashing into the nearest pipe. It's up to you to guide them safely!

How To Play

Sonic, known for his incredible speed, has decided to test his luck in the world of flight. However, his attempt can be perilous without your assistance. By clicking on the character, you can adjust Sonic's flight altitude. This is crucial as he must glide between pipes protruding from both above and below. With only small openings to slip through, it's vital to be nimble and avoid collisions.

Stay alert and quick on your feet to ensure Sonic doesn't collide with another pipe. The journey in Flappy Sonic requires your dexterity and swiftness to keep Sonic soaring through the gaps. It's time to show off your nimbleness and guide Sonic to success!

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