Super Mario Hangman

Super Mario Hangman

Welcome to Super Mario Hangman, a fun and engaging game suitable for players of all ages. Get ready to join Mario on a new adventure, this time in the world of Hangman! While Mario is famous for his platform-hopping, princess-rescuing, and coin-collecting feats, he also loves playing Hangman. In this version of the game, the theme revolves around characters from the Mario universe. You'll have the option to guess letters, attempt to solve the word, or even guess the entire word if you're confident in your answer.

How To Play

Your mission is to guess the hidden word! Fill in the blanks by guessing one letter at a time to see if it appears in the word. You can type the letter using your keyboard or simply touch the screen if you're playing on a touch-enabled device. When you guess correctly, the letter will be revealed in its corresponding blank space.

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