MC8Bit is an exciting 8-bit adventure game. In this pixelated world inspired by Minecraft, your mission is to guide Alex and Steve to the finish line. As you leave the safety of the house, be cautious of the spooky forest and the monsters that lurk within. But remember, your trusty pickaxe won't be of any use here, so rely on strategy rather than brute force to overcome the challenges ahead.

How To Play

In MC8Bit, your ultimate objective is to collect all the obsidian stones scattered throughout each level. These stones hold the power to form portals, allowing you to progress to the next level. Be sure not to miss any obsidian stones, as without them, the portals won't form, and your journey will come to a standstill. To navigate through the game, you can use the WASD keys on your keyboard in combination with the arrow keys.

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