Super Mario & Sonic FNF Dance

Super Mario & Sonic FNF Dance

Super Mario & Sonic FNF Dance is a rhythm action game that guarantees loads of fun and entertainment for fans of Mario, Sonic, and Friday Night Funkin' alike. In this game, you will join in an epic dance-off between Super Mario, Sonic, and the Friday Night Funkin' maniacs.

How To Play

Super Mario & Sonic FNF Dance is all about rhythm and action! Choose your favorite track and prepare to face off against Sonic the Hedgehog in a series of thrilling dance duels. Your objective is to hit the right notes at the perfect time, forcing your opponent to squirm and scramble to keep up. Showcase your dance moves, aiming to outperform Sonic in this exhilarating dance battle music game. As you progress, you can upgrade your special performance, allowing you to earn even higher scores.

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