Dino Game

Dino Game

The video game known as "Dino Game" is an endless runner in which the player's objective is to protect a well-known dinosaur by guiding it safely through an expansive desert environment. A fun Easter egg based on an event that occurred several years ago was developed by Google for the Chrome web browser.

In the desert, there is no way to get back home, so you should keep moving to accumulate more points. You will need to guide Dino through the level by helping him jump over the cacti and the pterodactyls. You have the option of giving it another shot to get your high score, or you can continue the process until you are successful.

This adorably cute Easter egg has emerged as a front-runner among many people's top picks. Because of its addictive nature, you should avoid playing it if this is your goal.



To jump, press the left mouse button or the space bar.

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