Cuphead is a timeless example of an exciting action film. It has a large number of boss battles. It sounded and looked like it was made in the 1930s because that's when it was set. Hand-drawn cel animations on watercolor backgrounds are used to create these short films.

The player has the option of playing as either Cuphead or Mugman, each of whom can go on separate adventures.

Cuphead features a wide variety of run-and-gun stages punctuated by boss battles. Any of the game's four worlds is suitable for a boss fight. Again, you'll be pitted against Satan in Chapter 4. Each boss fight can be tackled at one of three difficulties: normal, pro, or easy.

When the boss in normal mode is vanquished, you unlock expert mode and its more difficult challenges. Ground level boss fights are the norm. However, in some games, players must pilot airplanes and use side-scrolling cannons.

Once a player completes a level, their overall ranking will be shown. The calculation takes into account not just vertical and horizontal attacks, but also their duration and the use of super meters. From a planetary vantage point, you can look down and see the levels.



If your device has a touch screen or mouse, you can use those to direct the hero.

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