Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

As a first-person shooter (FPS), Funny Shooter 2 puts your shooting skills to the test. Here, you'll use a wide variety of weapons to take out both terrifying and comical-looking foes. Don't worry if you get lost in a harsh and unfamiliar environment. If you can, improve your arsenal as you go along. As you progress through the game and face off against increasingly difficult foes, you'll eventually have to face your fears in order to unlock new areas and potentially powerful bosses, weapons, and upgrades.

Your foes may consist of common Indians, defecators, giants, and other bizarre lifelike creations. A variety of appropriate firearms, including machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers, pistols, bazookas, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Every few levels, you will encounter a new foe, and every 10 levels, you must defeat a new boss. Upgrade your abilities such as health, coin magnet, and grenade impact. Those who enjoy Funny Shooter 2 may also enjoy with Battledudes.


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