Little Dino Returns 2023

Little Dino Returns 2023

Join Little Dino on an exciting adventure in the brand-new game, Little Dino Returns 2023! This fun-filled 2D platformer will take you through six vibrant levels, offering thrilling challenges along the way. Your task is to help Little Dino collect all the precious golden eggs scattered throughout each stage, aiming to earn three stars and conquer every level.

How To Play

Be warned, the journey won't be easy! As Little Dino explores, he may encounter unfriendly dinosaurs who don't appreciate strangers wandering into their territory. They will attempt to attack our little hero, but fear not! You can help him neutralize these foes by skillfully throwing watermelons, which Little Dino carries in stock. Additionally, you can find more watermelons along the path to replenish your supply. Make sure to keep an eye out for special items as well. Alongside the golden eggs, you can collect gemstones that add to your score and unlock bonuses. To guide Little Dino through this thrilling adve

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