Smash Karts

Smash Karts

The third-person racing game Smash Karts is a free-for-all race to the finish. Your goal as you race your go-kart is to collect weapons and take out the competition. You'll get to drive fast and thrill while also improving your driving abilities and understanding of different vehicles. Arm yourself, wipe out the competition, and win the race.

It's 3 minutes of pure kart racing chaos against random opponents. Many different maps await discovery. You gain experience points (XP) in every public game you play.

This route can also be used to force foes to slow down by crashing into walls and other obstacles. To disperse a group, you can either shoot at them or knock them out. The more you destroy your enemies, the more money you'll earn.

It's fast-paced, like a kart race, and you can use weapons to take out the competition. You'll be able to personalize your racer, your kart, and the boosters you use from the garage. In this never-ending race, you can boost your vehicle's speed by gathering coins and power-ups along the way.