Sonic Wheelie Challenge

Sonic Wheelie Challenge

Get ready for an exciting car driving game with Sonic in Sonic Wheelie Challenge! This game is considered one of the best in its category. Join Sonic as he takes part in a thrilling adventure filled with wheelies and car stunts.

How To Play

To start, you'll control a stick figure with a car. Your goal is to perform a wheelie, lifting the front wheel off the ground, and keep it going for as long as possible until you reach the destination. 

To control your car, simply hold down the left mouse button to move forward. Timing is crucial here - release the button at the right moment to maintain balance. If you flip over and fail to land correctly, you'll lose the game. Remember, you can drive on one wheel whenever you're not in a safe area, but be cautious, as driving outside the safe zone will also result in a loss. As you progress, try to cover a long distance while collecting coins along the way. These coins will boost your score and add to the excitement.

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