Adam and Eve: Snow

Adam and Eve: Snow

Following the success of the Adam and Eve series comes Adam and Eve: Snow. Help Adam return Eve's Christmas tree to her by completing this mission for her. Get back to prehistoric times and complete all the quests there. It won't be simple, and you'll have to deal with a plethora of challenges to find the right one. Pay attention to the issue at hand and take a high-level look at the situation so you can come up with answers quickly. Toggle the lever as required, and take the holiday tree to new heights. If you are unable to solve a problem immediately, you can try again and again, learning from your previous failures and eventually succeeding.

Aside from that, there are a slew of Christmas-themed games to put your skills to the test, including Snowboard Kings 2022 and Ski King 2022. Have fun!




Use the mouse to play.

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