Among is a thrilling adventure game in which you must compete to be the strongest. Don't stop running around; explore every nook and cranny to get as much food as you can. The amount of food gathered will allow you to expand your group size. The higher the number, the more likely you are to win. You must now compete with other gamers. You can even take your opponent's members and make them your own by running behind them and collecting. Be cautious since your opponents may do the same to you.

In the right corner of the game screen, you can observe the number of opponents and who is the strongest. Make a decent game plan based on that. Run swiftly and avoid opponents to acquire a lot of food. You can also improve your equipment and use power-ups to help you. To win, use speed-up or double-scale goods as needed. There are also additional games available, such as Imposters 99.



Click and drag the mouse.

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