Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

In the stealth video game known as "Bob The Robber," the player is tasked with avoiding obstacles so as not to cause any damage to the wiring or to the barriers themselves. If you want to find evidence, you should look in a variety of rooms and buildings. Be sure to rack up bonuses and cash, and avoid getting caught by any of the security measures, be they cameras, robots, or even the most tenacious of guards.

Players have the opportunity to assume the role of Bob, a crafty thief, when playing this game. The use of actual cameras should be avoided, and resistance should not be attempted. This action-packed heist game will take you to opulent mansions if you play it correctly. When moving through each level, exercise caution and make it a point to avoid running into any security cameras or other hostile characters. It is possible that you will be required to open doors or finish other tasks that take time, and that could result in someone stealing you.


Arrows or WASD = Move, Spacebar = Hit, Up or W = Use.

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