Bobb World

Bobb World

Travel the world with Bobb in the game Bobb World. This is a fascinating action-adventure game. You need to pass through three different fantasy worlds. Show your jumping, climbing, and overcoming skills to unlock the worlds one by one. The general goal is that you need to control Bobb and eat all the fruits in each level. To overcome all difficulties, you only have five lives, so be careful. Every time you eat all the fruits, proceed to the gate to go to the next level.

Each level is a new world with new graphics. Don't get trapped and fall into danger. Practise and act many times to be able to perform tasks in a better way. Now it's time to confront 30 different levels! In addition, you can also play more Vex 7.



  • E to Enter
  • AD/ Arrow left and right to move
  • W/ Up Arrow/ Space to jump
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