Break Bricks 2 Player

Break Bricks 2 Player

Break Bricks 2 Player is an engaging brick-breaking game for two players. You will appreciate the exquisite pixel blocks. Fire the balls at the bricks to demolish them. In each game, you will encounter a variety of distinct shapes. The game is intended for one or two participants. In this single-player mode, you will play through a variety of levels. In 2-player mode, you must engage your opponent in the fifth round. Whoever obtains five stars first triumphs.

The rewards facilitate progression through the levels. Seek out as many bonus items as you can. Move to hit the ball and capture the upgrades that allow you to smash the bricks, but don't miss catching them too often or your opponent may gain an advantage. Therefore, attempt to make the ball destroy the pixel blocks as quickly as feasible. Additionally, you can play other games similar to Kris Mahjong.



Use A, D and Left, Right.

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