Bus Rush - Bus Surfer

Bus Rush - Bus Surfer

Welcome to Bus Rush - Bus Surfer, an endless running game with lots of fun. Skateboard around a metropolis with photorealistic 3D graphics and gameplay reminiscent of Temple Run 2: Holi Festival.

Keep moving forward while avoiding or getting past ships, barricades, etc. Keep your eyes peeled and show off dynamic maneuvers like sliding, jumping, and swerving left and right on the go to navigate around any hazards. goods and amass a large sum of money. Rapid action is required in the face of many potential surprises. You can use power-ups like magnets to pull coins in or speed enhancements to move faster or quadruple your earnings. There's a plethora of other excellent offerings. In addition, there are five playable characters from which to choose. There's a lot of cool stuff out there waiting for you to find it.



Drag to jump, slide to move, turn left and right to avoid all obstacles.

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