Carrom Hero

Carrom Hero

Welcome to Carrom Hero, an entertaining multiplayer board game with billiards-like gameplay. Your job is to defeat the opponent by precisely targeting and putting the opponent's pieces through the hole. To begin, there will be a square board in the center with round chips. Put all of your opponent's pieces behind the holes on the square board. You can change the shot's direction and force, as well as move around the board's edge.

You can now adjust the intensity and trajectory of your shot, and when you're ready, go for it. The rules are quite similar to billiards; when you hit the opponent's piece into the hole, you can move on to the next play. Feel the adrenaline of the match with two game modes: Freestyle and Professional Mode. You will encounter new opponents each time you play. If you do not hit the shot after two misses, you will have to lose that turn. Don't throw away your chances to win!



Use the mouse to play.

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