Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a 3D arcade game that takes place in an unending color tunnel. Navigate through the difficult tunnel while avoiding all of the red obstacles. The control method is extremely basic, but in order to progress, you must be calm and pay attention to what is about to happen. There are several difficulties ahead, as well as various shapes such as triangles, hemispheres, and cylinders. Keep in mind that some obstacles do not move and some do, so be cautious when crossing them. You can master the game and rack up as many points as possible.

The longer you roll on the road, the faster you can roll and the more obstacles you can avoid. Your adventure will take you through color-changing tunnels and provide you with some very unique sensations. Control the left spin ball to rotate right using the flexibility of your fingertips. Join Color Tunnel right now! You may also play more games that are similar to Tunnel Rush.



To go left and right, use the arrows.