Cooking Tile

Cooking Tile

Fans of match-3 games have no choice but to play Cooking Tile. The rules for this brick-based puzzle are simple, but getting good at it takes practice. Colorful desserts and snacks can be enjoyed while playing this game.

If you get rid of an item from the board and the game at the same time, you've matched three of them. You'll advance through the game a bit more quickly this way.

Before time runs out, you need to find three stars and figure out puzzles. Do not lose sight of your progress; keep tabs on it. It's time to go on an adventure and play some more match-3 games.


- Match-3 puzzle with bright colors

- Get bonus content and helpful hints.

- There's a wheel you can spin to win prizes.

- You can progress through a number of tiers.



You can use the mouse to play.

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