Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis

Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis

Take on a new quest in Dibbles 4 A Christmas Crisis. Another Dibbles game series with 33 levels. As Christmas approaches, you must guide the King and his family through a snowy desert to their destination.

Use tactical commands to lead your troops to victory by avoiding or evading danger. Prove to the King that you are the most capable campaign manager by guiding him through each stage of his endeavor. Each and every one of the Dibbles is prepared to lay down their lives for the safety of their King. Take up new games like Pig Ball Christmas and Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming.




With the click of a mouse, you can choose from the available commands and set down command stones at the correct level. Whenever a Dibble comes across the command, it will take it. If the opportunity arises, he will also risk his life to set up command stones on the level.

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