Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

If you enjoy cricket, you will love Doodle Cricket. A simple mobile cricket game is now available for all cricket fans. There is no maximum number of cricket throws that you can play.

Cricket fans without tickets have improvised their way to an exasperating match. To their arched snails, it will be an invincible foe for centuries. Their apparent sluggishness belies the fact that they are surprisingly quick fielders.

Doodle can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The game's controls and gameplay are intuitive. You can bowl as slowly as a turtle or as fast as a hummingbird. This is your time to relax! In addition, you can also play other google games.



Snails and crickets are going to compete against each other in a game of cricket. When you first start playing, if you hit the cricket on its side, you will be awarded points. To score runs, you need to tap the yellow bat button whenever the ball is heading in your direction.

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