Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Master Drift Boss by getting behind the wheel and driving on the winding road, avoiding the curbs, and keeping your vehicle from careening off the edge of the floating road. Keep collecting the rewards, and can you go far?

An appealingly basic game for fans of endless platform runners and car drifting games. Practice until you can safely operate the finest automobile in the world. Don't forget to gather coins for the additional cartoon vehicle unlocks. Having cool vehicles to drive around in is part of what makes this game so entertaining. To view upcoming rewards for playing Drift Boss daily, click the gift button in the game's main menu. Or you might stumble across the bonus wheel by complete chance. The trick to mastering the car is to get close to the edge and turn, causing the car to make a small jump. Continue driving after aligning the car with the mid-air line. What matters is your actual combat experience. Play and learn your own lessons!

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To turn right, use the mouse button or the spacebar. Simply release to turn left.

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