Emoji Flow

Emoji Flow

The puzzle game Emoji Flow features cute emoji characters. The goal is to make connections between pairs of similar emojis. Put your head to use, take your time, and see if you can beat the level before your moves run out. Begin with the 3x3 table and work your way up to the 9x9 as you gain experience and confidence. Because you only have so many options, you should give some serious consideration to each potential step.

The key to success is to first recognize the overarching pattern of relationships between the emoticons. Afterwards, follow these steps to finish the job as soon as feasible. The higher you progress, the more emoticons you'll have to deal with, and the harder the jobs will become. A fun, challenging, and educational puzzle game! Do you feel ready?



Click on an emoji, then draw a line with your hand to connect it to the same emoji. 

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