Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple

Play Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Light Temple together! By helping Fireboy or Watergirl, locate the way out of each level. This is because the light beam that surrounds elevators, doors, and other objects has changed direction.

There are 40 levels to put you to the test. Use the red Mars and blue Venus symbols to guide Fireboy and Watergirl to the door, respectively. When consuming dark or green liquids, children should use caution. Fireboy is harmed by water, and Watergirl might be hurt by molten lava.

Water, fire, and teamwork can be used to solve any problem. You must use the unique strengths of each character to pass each stage. You're prepared to tackle the Fireboy and Watergirl series at this point.



Arrow keys can be used to control Fireboy. WASD is used to control Watergirl.

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