Flip Skater Rush 3D

Flip Skater Rush 3D

Flip Skater Rush 3D is a free 3D skating game in which you can skate on various roads and terrains. The player has control over not one, but two skaters. The game boasts gorgeous graphics and appealing gameplay that will provide you with hours of enjoyable amusement. You may slide, grind, and do incredible acrobatics while navigating both characters over a succession of hard obstacles thanks to unique gameplay features.

Develop your quick reflexes so that you can attain your goals and overcome a variety of unusual challenges. Move with skill to overcome the obstacles in your path. You could damage your leg or arm if you run into an obstruction. The race then starts all over again. The obstacles become more challenging as you continue through the stages, requiring more coordination and skill to keep control over both skaters. Enjoy the game's rich and colorful 3D graphics, which match the action-packed gameplay. If you like Flip Skater Rush 3D, there are plenty of other Ball Legs 3D game to try.


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