The Pacman video game and the Samsung Z Flip 4 smartphone served as inspiration for Flipman. As Flipman, you should go through the maze and pick up all the fruit you can find. The next stage will unlock if all the yellow orbs and fruits have been gathered. You must avoid the ghosts in order to progress to the next level. You'll be chased, and much like in Pac-Man, the game will terminate when they get up to you.

Start playing now to take on the most difficult levels and compete with the finest players in the world. Gather as many yellow dots as you can and hope for the best while you run from the ghosts. Have fun with the more difficult levels, but keep going if you want to have a good time. If you find an apple, you can use it as a weapon against ghosts and increase your score. If you like Flipman, you can also play more Pac Pac Run.



Use the WASD Keys.

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