Fruit Connect

Fruit Connect

Players of the puzzle game Fruit Connect must line up identically colored fruit slices. They must be linked by a line that differs from each other by no more than 20 degrees. Do you think you can empty the table before time runs out?

Finding matching sets of tiles and eliminating them is your objective. Some tiles may not function immediately. Only tiles with free sides can be joined. No route can go directly through a tile if it connects two identical ones.

This game requires you to find matching pairs of tiles in order to win. Mining for complementary pairs is the only option. Only nodes that are joined by no more than one line forming a right angle can be tapped and deleted.


Selecting a tile and then tapping a second tile allows the player to pick any two tiles at random. An automatic elimination from the tableau will occur if the tiles in two adjacent cells match and are a valid match.

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