Garden Tales 2

Garden Tales 2

It is high time that you returned to the garden. The sequel to the original Garden Tales game will be called Garden Tales 2. You will jump right into the action and complete a variety of quests given to you by gnomes who are on your side.

You will travel through stunning orchards and fruit patches while playing this bejeweled game. These areas are lovingly tended to by garden guinea pigs. If you are able to match three or more fruits of the same kind, you will be able to collect them. Making two adjacent tiles interchangeable allows you to move the fruit around the board. There will be a constant appearance and removal of combinations of three or more tiles.

You will be given a list of the items that must be gathered at the beginning of each level. You are racing against the clock to finish the assignment. You should be able to see the number that is displayed above the tiles in the top right corner of the screen.


You can make three by switching the positions of the flowers and the fruits in the image. When you successfully stack the same fruit, additional instances of that fruit will pop up, which will allow for the growth of additional garden plants. Boosters are available to assist you in reducing the amount of fruit you have in your inventory. When you find yourself in a bind, these bonuses will come in very handy. They are able to be acquired by saving up the gold coins that are gained.

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