Hit Masters Rush

Hit Masters Rush

In Hit Masters Rush, you can become a hero. Your mission here is to transform into a hero and defeat various criminal organizations. Run and jump across rooftops while performing action scenes. Don't be put off by the traps and obstacles that lie ahead. You must be brave since you will be confronted with violent criminal gangs. You must utilize several different types of weaponry in addition to martial arts.
Run and shoot at adversaries to prevent them from stopping you from becoming a city hero. Don't forget to use the slow motion tool; it will come in handy. With powerful attack waves, you must be able to move slowly in order to take down opponents more quickly. If you shoot accurately, you will destroy the enemy and earn points. Remember that things can fall from opponents hands after death. There are plenty of additional action games similar to Stickman Duel Battle that you can play and enjoy.



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