Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout was the Atari game that gained widespread popularity. Continue to click in order to accumulate a large number of points. You need to click on the colored blocks in order to earn money. You will be compensated for each block that you click on. You can accelerate your progress through the game by spending cash on breakout balls or upgrades. Start out with the standard balls, and then move on to the plasma balls.

It is strongly recommended that you play Learn to Fly Idle and Idle Dice. In order for you to advance quickly through the games, you are going to need to spend your money strategically and effectively.




If you click on a brick, you will be awarded points. You can either use your points to upgrade your existing balls or buy brand new balls with brand new abilities. The bricks will be broken after the balls bounce off of them and then they will be used to score more points.

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