Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Welcome to Magic Cat Academy 2, a fantasy game in which little Momo must dive into the sea to battle ghosts. A ghost escaped from Momo after winning the first part (Magic Cat Academy) and possessed various sea animals. Fight and save as many friends as you can!

There are five stages in which little Momo must battle and defeat the ghosts using her own magic. Keep an eye out for ghosts and haunted animals (immortal jellyfish, sharks, vampire squid, and fishing fish) until you reach the final boss, a volcano under water. Swing your wand and make moves to cast magic quickly before dangerous lips appear to win. This game introduces two new movements: a circle, which grants the player a shield, and a spiral, which repels all monsters. The shield is only effective for one attack. Have fun!



Swipe the touch screen or use the mouse.

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