Moto X3M Pool Party

Moto X3M Pool Party

The exciting motorbike racing video game Moto X3M Pool Party belongs to the Moto X3M series. There's a lot going on, from the sun to the water slides to the enormous tubes and umbrellas. The new levels are great fun, and the view from the beach is stunning. There are a total of 22 levels to complete, and you can do so by figuring out the various puzzles that pop up.

Most importantly, you need to reach the end of the race. What's even more impressive is breaking a previously established record for speed. You'll need your balance as you slide down the buoys, walk along the buoys, and finally cross the bridge using a rope made from safety buoys. Floats, slides, and inflatable rings are the most common types of hazards to watch out for. Not to mention all the bombs and ships of destruction.

The Moto X3M series also features a plethora of additional racing games. Relax!




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