Mr Speedy the Cat

Mr Speedy the Cat

Mr. Speedy The Cat is going to be your hero. During the course of the day, our hero cat adopts the appearance of a typical domestic feline. During the night, however, our brave cat uses her natural ability to run to get away from the bad guys.

Even on the roof, it is possible to give chase to him. It is up to you to assist him in adjusting the distances that separate the houses. After that, he will be able to earn stars for his efforts. You now have the power to morph into a heroic feline at any time!

While you are running nonstop through the night, try to collect stars. It should come as no surprise that there are additional scrolling running games that are comparable to this one. However, fans of the genre will likely find the game's straightforward design and uncomplicated graphics appealing.



In this free online game, you get to take control of a black cat and watch it run along rooftops. Use SPACEBAR to jump between houses. If you are unable to access the other structures, you can also press it twice to access that option.

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