Ninja Dogs 2

Ninja Dogs 2

The Big Bad Yellow Cat has taken the secret scroll in Ninja Dogs 2, the sequel. Let's get to work to find the scroll so we can help the ninja out, shall we? Let's go! There are a total of 45 levels, as well as four different scenes.

You have the ability to improve your skills and rise to the top. Which portion of the level will you be able to complete? You are able to perform actions that are beyond your capabilities and fight with all of your might.


By moving the mouse, you can alter the cannon's firing angle as well as its power. To start the dog, click here. To perform a unique attack, you must click the mouse button while the dog is still in the air. Use the S key on your keyboard to zoom out. To rotate to the left, press the A key, and to turn right, press the D key.

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