Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

In the game Noob vs Pro Castle Defence, assist Noob in creating and protecting his kingdom from extraterrestrial monsters. Evil armies have surrounded Noob and are pursuing the golden crown. Everything is very dangerous! You must defend Noob's realm and keep him safe.

Evil resides in the shadows and is constantly prepared to attack and enter through the red gate. The night is mysterious and dark!

Make a strategist to organize and run the entire kingdom. You can construct mines and smithies to raise the income and defense of your buildings. You can locate the ideal locations for towers and archers before reintroducing the dangerous creatures. Test your skills at surviving right now!

By watching Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God 1, you can enjoy this chapter about Noob's adventures. Come and play!




Just press W/A/D to move.

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