With Outspell, you can play Words and Puzzles with your friends and have a good time. The rules of Scrabble are used to make Outspell. This makes it easy for anyone who has played the classic word game to feel at home. Even if you have never played Words With Friends or Scrabble before, Outspell will help you learn the rules quickly.

If you can't think of a good word, you can click the "Mix" button as many times as you want. This will put together the tiles you already have, making it easier to find words.

Bonus tiles in red and blue can be stacked. The blue cells multiply the value of one letter, and the red cells multiply the value of a whole word. After you put tiles on these empty spots, the letter multipliers won't change.

You can use the button that looks like a dictionary to help you choose the right word from the list. It lets people start typing their letters, and then a list of all acceptable words that start with those letters is made automatically.



Use the pointer.

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