Pacman html5

Pacman html5

Pacman html5 is a classic game that originated in arcades. Players control Pac-Man, a yellow creature, and their objective is to clear each screen of dots to progress to the next level. However, they must be careful because four ghosts will chase Pac-Man. If a ghost catches Pac-Man, the player loses a life. The game ends when all lives are lost. To gain an advantage, Pac-Man can consume energizers in the maze, allowing him to safely eat the ghosts for a short time.

How To Play

Guide Pac-Man through mazes and eat all the dots to clear them. Avoid the pursuing ghosts, as contact with them will result in losing a life. However, when Pac-Man consumes a flashing pellet, he can eat the ghosts temporarily. Keep an eye out for bonus prizes in specific areas of the maze as they can be consumed for extra points.

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