Pacmen 9.0

Pacmen 9.0

Pacmen 9.0 is an evolved version of the classic Pacman game. In this version, Pacman moves in a straight line, devouring all the points at once until it reaches a wall. The challenge lies in not being able to see all the points until the next wall, and there's a chance of encountering a ghost. To succeed, you must navigate cunningly and stealthily, carefully planning your movements while searching for points and stars.

How to Play

In the exciting new game, Pacmen 9.0, you can join the adventures of the famous Pacman. You'll see an ancient labyrinth on the screen, filled with golden dots in every corridor and room. Your goal is to collect all these points, each earning you a certain amount of points. Use the control keys to move your hero in the desired direction. Beware of the monsters roaming the corridors, as they will chase and kill Pacman upon contact. If you spot a monster, try to escape quickly.

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