Pool Party

Pool Party

Pool Party is a fun game that is great for the summer when it's hot. When Bunni goes to the waterpark, it's a great time to bring your towels and swimsuits.

Make sure to clean out the pool and pop the air bubbles in the water. With a beach ball or water gun, you can pop more bubbles. When you combine balloons of the same color, you can make "super balloons" that blow up your whole line.

You can get rewards and prizes by completing daily challenges or by going treasure hunting with Bunni pirates. You can also play this game on Crashy Cat.



Match 3 is a great match-3 game in which you have to finish all the levels and reach the goals. When you match four or more items from the same pool, you get power-ups and boosters that raise your score. Use your mouse or a touch control to switch.

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