Sieger 2

Sieger 2

Sieger 2 is a physics-based video game in which the objective is to free the hostages and eliminate all of the enemy defenders. You have close to 70 levels left to play through! A new design with multiple layers has been implemented in the Sieger video game. You can earn medals by completing each level in the fewest number of shots possible.

In this installment of the immensely popular video game series based on the concept of physics-based demolition, you will have the opportunity to completely destroy the enemy stronghold. As you attempt to capture castles, fire explosive bullets from your siege engine at your targets. Obtain medals, free hostages, and bring honor to your leader by doing all of the above.

You only have a few cannons, and you need to eliminate as many soldiers and guards as you can while firing the fewest possible shots. You have to eliminate the guards at the same time that you are attempting to free the hostages.



Use either your mouse or your keyboard to play.

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