Skibidi Blast

Skibidi Blast

Play Skibidi Blast, a fun online game in which you help the Skibidi toilet land in a secure location. Skibidi the Toilet is currently being held captive in a dark and dangerous dungeon. To get him to the next level and into the safe zone is the final objective.

Using bombs to generate thrust will allow you to help him move while he escapes. The power of the bomb will cause Skibidi to move. However, you should learn to exploit failures to advance your goals. Explosions can be used to gain access to the safe zone, but they can also serve as a gateway to dangerous traps. Keep in mind that sharp spikes will need to be avoided. Land softly, avoiding obstacles and hazards. The secure landing area has been clearly designated, although getting there may be difficult. If at first you don't succeed, try again and use your mistakes as learning opportunities. You can get three perfect stars for completing each stage. Let's play more Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend and relax together!



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